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A little about me!​​​

I have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively and sampled just some of the wonder this world has to offer, with the wide variety of foods, religion, dress and art.  My back ground consists of classical music, classical art, writing, photography and business.  I am passionate about dogs, horses, and the ocean, I love 'Film Noir', Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, not to mention a good novel and spiritual revelations of all religions

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Rebecca Kathleen, Associate Member American Women Artists

My Process!

​I see the finished work in my mind’s eye before I actually begin, the image appears in flashes and something is trying to become. Sometimes the most insignificant thing will trigger the flashes.  It is the process that entices me, the challenge of thought, material, technique, climbing into the image, and thrashing around a bit until I begin to create.  I paint in layers, starting with a drawing right on the canvas, then an allover wash, depicting light and shade and the beginnings of depth.  I continue with 2-3 layers of under painting working in glazes, and then the color layers, muted at first, as the layers are added the color intensifies and finishing with highlight layer

Distinctively Creative Contemporary Realism